Like any other girl, hijabis (Muslim girls who wear a headscarf called a hijab) also have wardrobe-essentials. And while a hijabi’s fashion has certain restrictions, this doesn’t in any way impede their sense of style.

But before anything else, here are a few fashion Do’s and Don’ts for hijabi women…

– A hijabi must fulfil her duties to her Creator by maintaining her modesty and lowering her gaze

-To be a hijabi means that you have to wear extra other clothing that non-hijabis don’t

-A hijabi must wear loose clothing that does not show her curves, on the headscarf or hijab

-A hijabi does not use her clothes to attract attention

And now, for the hijabi essentials…


  • BLACK ABAYAS: Two because one should be regular and the other luxury. We all need that everyday abaya we can throw on when all else fails, and the Luxury abaya we pull out for very important occasions. In many cases after trying on several outfits, you can settle for a black abaya and a statement bag.  The thing I love about classic black abayas is that nobody knows whether you have one or 20. Switch up the style with a different veil, brooches and bag and you look brand new. Tada!


  • BROOCHES: The best accessory a Muslimah can have in my opinion. Buy brooches in different styles and shapes. They transform outfits. Believe me! A once boring outfit comes alive with an interesting brooch hanging somewhere. I use my brooches as scarf accessories as well. It also comes in handy as a pin when there’s a wardrobe malfunction. Try two or three brooches on an outfit instead of one, play around and see what works!

plan scarf

  • PLAIN COLORED SCARVES: Buy as many scarves as you can in as many colours. Trust me you can never have too many scarves as a Muslim woman. Investing in plain coloured scarves helps with outfit styling as this is a terrain and keeping it simple is mandatory. It also helps to know what colour suits your skin tone.


  • BLACK LEGGINGS: This is necessary for long free dresses/skirts. To avoid any wind-blown wardrobe malfunctions, you should probably wear tights or leggings to keep your legs from being exposed.


  • FLOWING GOWNS OR SKIRTS: Absolute necessity! Flowing gowns or skirt give this royal outlook to every Muslimah. It is easily combined with any footwear and headscarf. It’s way less picky than other outfits. And turns out to be really comfy.

Finally, it is important to dress well as Muslimahs, and the top-secret to dressing well is looking neat and being dressed decently! I hope this post has helped Muslimahs out there as much as it has helped me.

By Aisha J





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